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A non-profit serving
the Linden community

Our Story

The origin of our name can be found in the New Testament.  It comes from a passage in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 28, verse 19, which says: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” To the team at TwentyEight:19, this means dedicating our lives to serving others, especially those in most need, and to bringing the light of the gospel to them. We believe that a focus on improving the family environment is the critical path to making lasting changes, improving lives, and ultimately making disciples.

Meet our
founding partners

Jim is the visionary of TwentyEight:19. As a twenty-two-year veteran of the City of Columbus Division of Police, Jim has served over twenty years of it in the underserved Linden community and understood the need for Christian relationships firsthand.  For the past seven years, Jim has lead annual mission trips to Ometepec, Mexico and traveled with missionaries to the inner city of Charlotte, North Carolina.  These trips have provided invaluable training and experience which has been to use to TwentyEight:19.

James Haley, Founding Partner & President,  [email protected]

Tom has invaluable leadership experience from serving in a nine-year role as an Elder at New Albany Presbyterian Church, serving 45-50 hours per month. Tom also was the leader of the Men’s Bible Study at NAPC for five years, which he now continues at 28:19.  He has a passion for mentoring and discipling, and changing lives of men through the development of their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Tom Skoulis, Founding Partner & Treasurer,  [email protected]

Patrick is a passionate community volunteer who has spent the previous five years serving in the Linden area. Patrick currently serves on the Mission Committee at New Albany Presbyterian Church (with a Linden focus), has supported the development of the FCA program at Linden-McKinley, and is a founding member of the Linden McKinley Football Boosters. He was also recently selected to Columbus CEO’s Future 50 for community leadership.

Patrick Smith, Secretary,  [email protected]

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